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Random new bloggy thing

2010-11-04 12:15:14 by contentnocontext

just found myself remembering i have an account here. odd.

I think ill stay a bit longer this time. see whats going down in town and maybe throw some work up. Its about time i did.


2009-10-12 16:36:01 by contentnocontext

Ok for those who watch anything i say or do at all, im just letting you all know im going to go into a bit of an internet/radio silence for a week or so. I need to clear my head , but mostly i have a load of stuff i need to sit down and work on / finish / start. And the internet can be the best and worst thing for projects when your working on them.

When i get back i hope to have a number of things for everyone to see.

All take care for a while and ill be back soon.

call to arms

2009-09-27 18:54:11 by contentnocontext

alright you rotten lot!

you may not know me. Or you might , but may think very little of what you know. Most likely I watch you. Some even may watch back. Some fewer still may actually be real friends.

Well , they say in life everyone has the right to ask one favour a year. or something like that.

This is mine. and its one im asking from all of you.

this dude :iconkonjur: is brilliant. You should look at the stuff here.

but most importantly they are working on a comic here
called GOLDILOCK. It's a bloody good example of work. It's worth not only a look , but this..... as a favour too me im asking you, not to my benifit , but for a good artist, and nice guy. Please, if you have not yet, sign up to the site , vote for and comment on GOLDILOCK , rate too, and give him and his work the boost it needs too win.

If you do your all officially allowed too call a favour from me in return.

the world today

2009-08-25 09:45:43 by contentnocontext

So in thought on the way home I had time to go over my work. Not the visual stuff , but the written side to things I do.

The one big thing I have wrong with me is my flawed goodness.
Im a good character designer and creator, But not a great artist. Im a story teller but not a very good writer.

Im funny, but no comic.

The art and the funny can be worked on. But the lack of writing quality is a little different.
I have actual trouble constructing words. I can read them fine to myself, have a little trouble reading aloud and when it comes to making things up Im great. it all just spills out like beans from a can. Lots of little nuggets of good ideas. But actually constructing a page of written work And i fall apart. Whcih leaves me frustraited. Which makes me not want to try.

The thing is I think iv'e actually finally got some stories worth telling.
They say you have to live a bit before you can be a good writer. That everything you write is added to by experiance, or your experiances. Im at a point where its actually helping me to think.

I have some things I want to say. And I think my history of life and the arts will actually make it interesting to say them.

Im looking forward to sharing my ideas with you all soon. Some personal, and some just fun. But i am looking forward indeed.

a bad 24 hours

2009-08-15 17:17:13 by contentnocontext

Last night I became the victim of a hack attack on my xbox live account.
Someone using a "fake" xbox live link, while logged into a friends account that had also fallen victim of this, obtained my xbox live details. Then logged into my account, deleated / changed my details and used the debit card (my partners) attached to buy 5000 microsoft points to spend on my account. And then started to attempt to download games from the new games on demand feature using the debit card directly.

Thankfully I was relitively on the ball , Knew almost right away what had happened. And started running around sorting things as best I could.

Luckly The week before all this happened I changed my contact email on to my current email.

So instead of getting the details of the spending to the theifs account I was able to track the movements of said thief.

Also My girlfriends account happens to be friends with mine. So as Im on our xbox 360 as her , "I" log on. I actually sent the thief a message telling them that I was actually able to track them and that I had already conteacted the relivent authoritys.

My girlfriend managed to block the use of her debit card on her xbox live account which banned its use on all others too. Eventually the thief messaged me back saying that they had been given the account, had been told it was "safe", called me a **** and said i could have it back. Moronically giving me thier email addy and password.

I managed to log in and change the log in details , twice for security.

We lost only, luckly £43.00 ($55.00) onver this. But Its messed up our internet bill payments, and our online shopping , meaning we may be going without this forghtnight.

It also savearly upset my girlfriend which was awful to think about.

Im glad though that we managed to dodge a big bullet. The thief managed to put in orders for 4 more xbox live on demand games on my account and my girlfriends debit card. £80.00 ($140-00 to $165.00) But lucky for us we eather managed to get there in time to ban the card from use, or it was luckly rejected. (we're poor anyway)

But the emotional and finacial damage is done. and its left myself feeling foolish and very guilty. But when you get sent a message from a friend , or what looks like someone you know, do you just trust your friend or think badly right away. I think more people would and have been tricked.

Be careful all of you. I dont want to see other people falling for this.

The email of the person who took my account was although you would believe he or she would not keep this account, but they appeared to log into it after I reclaimed my xbox live account. Also, they are the person who sent me the original link and My account had been used to the same end. Luckly I cleared my friends list a day or two before , again minimising the damage.

I dont know who I should report this too , so if you have any advice please let me know.

In a sadder note, i found out just before work this morening that a good friend of mine had died. She was just 28 and is buried today. Ive not found out all the details yet as im in the uk and shes in the usa. but im just going to dedicate my posts to her today.

Heidi miller / Tkalcich 1981 - 2009

Today is the mark of my 28th year on the face of the earths.

As a mark of this important day i shall be creating ultimate havoc in the website type area. Keep all your mystic eyes peeled for my activities over the coming week and today obv.

So this is my first post on newgrounds.
Ive been around for a while. Watched bits from the position of a pleb and no one. but i now join , finally. Hoping to create new , funny and interesting content for everyone to trash. wheee. welcome to the future.

"waiting for the great leap forward"